Lexington organizations team up to address mental health

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO) – Uplift Lexington County is a new initiative aiming to provide preventative treatment for mental health patients. 

Today at Brookland Baptist Church more than 30 local organizations gathered to launch Uplift including Lexington County’s community mental health center, EMS, sheriff’s office, and medical center. Together the organizations are working to fill in the gaps where resources are needed so mental health patients get the care they need instead of relying solely on law enforcement and first responders.

“Uplift Lexington County comes very intentionally and it’s about lifting one another up.  Mental health is a part of all of us and the more that we can stand together to know that it’s not that anyone’s broken or needs fixing but that we all can support one another at being our best and most thriving selve. I think that’s the first step, there is no stigma here,” said Serve & Connect CEO Kassy Alia Ray. 

Through Uplift Lexington, a mobile crisis unit as well as therapists are assisting Lexington County Sheriff’s office and Lexington County EMS on mental health calls. Organizers say this will also help to reduce the number of mental health arrests and ER visits. 

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