Columbia business owners welcome more customers in doors despite nationwide supply issues

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Holiday shopping in Columbia is well under way.

Shops on Main Street and Five Points have enjoyed more customers this year after a slow holiday season in 2020.

“We’ve been really really busy,” said Grant Lorick, owner of Something Special and Gifts on Main Street.

The foot traffic on Main Street has been increasing slowly over the course of this year.

“In the last two months, it has really picked back up,” Lorick said. “A lot of it has to do with parents.”

Around Columbia, things are starting to look a lot more like Christmas. Shops not just on Main Street, but also in Five Points, are glad that holiday shopping crowds are also starting to look more like normal.

“This year is definitely better than last year. There are a lot of people out and everybody is more in the holiday spirit,” said Revente owner Heather Burns. “More shoppers and more buying. It’s been a better holiday season.”

However with shipping delays and supply chain issues nationwide, both owners warn against waiting til the last minute to do your holiday shopping.

“No, I definitely say go ahead now. If you shop early, you get the best pick of what we’ve got,” Burns said. “With a store like this, things come and go so quickly and we only have one of each item. The designer bags that you see back there may be gone tomorrow.”

“If it’s something you like, you better get it,” Lorick said. “Once it’s gone, there won’t be a whole lot of restocking. Right now, we’re sitting good.”

He says luckily for the store, his business partner ordered a lot of merchandise last year. With many products ordered this year not arriving, they are already planning ahead for the future.

“He’s already ordering Christmas for next year now,” Lorick said.

Over in Five Points, a mainstay since 1992, Revente hopes to still be in business along with its sister store, thanks to repeat buyers and a new website.

“Our customer base is based on a lot of very loyal customers and so is Sid and Nancy’s,” Burns said. “Through the pandemic and now, they are what has kept us alive.”

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