Consumer News: Gilead recalling its COVID-19 drug, more than 230,000 pounds of pork also being recalled and more

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Gilead, the maker of the first antiviral approved to treat COVID-19, is announcing a safety recall. In a statement, the company reports that two lots of its COVID-19 drug Remdesivir may be contaminated with glass particles. While there have been no adverse events reported, in theory, the particles could block blood vessels causing stroke and even death. Gilead is notifying distributors and customers about the problem.

Honda has issued a recall on close to 725,000 SUVs. The car maker says there is an issue with the hood on 2019 Honda Passports, 2016-2019 Honda Pilots and 2017-2020 Honda Ridgelines. Honda says there is a problem with the hood latch that could cause the hood to open while driving. No accident or injuries have been reported.

More than 230,000 pounds of pork are being recalled. ‘Alexander and Hornung’ announced the recall of 17 processed meat products, including a variety of spiral sliced ham, uncured ham and ham steaks. The company says it is concerned the items may have been exposed to listeria. It says no one has reported being sickened from the products and that there is no evidence the products were contaminated, but it wants to be cautious. The company has more details on the recall on their website.

The head of a digital mortgage lender is getting heat after firing hundreds of workers on Zoom. Vishal Garg, the company’s CEO, asked more than 900 employees to join him on a Zoom call, then told them their jobs were being terminated immediately. The call lasted less than three minutes and comes less than four weeks before Christmas. The laid off employees will get a severance and benefits.

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