Irmo park adds additional acres after recent purchase

IRMO, SC (WOLO) — A popular park in the town of Irmo just got a little bigger.

Community Park, which hosts events for residents year round, will now include new land purchased from a local resident.

“We just bought it yesterday. We got the deed today,” said Irmo mayor Barry Walker.

Mayor Walker is talking about 10 acres that will almost double the current size of Irmo’s Community Park.

“When we built the Community Park, which is 12 acres, it was very controversial but it has been one of the greatest things we have done for community development. People love this park,” said Irmo town attorney Jake Moore.

The park currently has an amphitheater, picnic tables, walking trail, playgrounds and hosts the town’’s Okra Strut Event.

“We have video monitoring of the park seven days a week, we have security through the police and lighting. It’s one of the safest places you can go to recreate,” Moore said.

The new land will be paid for by the town’s hospitality tax. The mayor and town council have big plans for the Irmo Public Works to redevelop the additional acres.

“These guys have got a project now to work on. That’s going to be turning these woods and underbrush habitable for parking initially,” Walker said.

Not only will the additions to the Community Park provide more space and parking for the Irmo Okra Strut, it will also provide new opportunities for the park to host.

“I want to see The Doobie Brothers play here,” the mayor said. “I want to see open air concerts on a  regular basis.”

He also hopes the park will see the addition of retail space, a multipurpose pavilion and possibly a farmers market. Those are not the only new things planned for the town.

“We’re about ready to build a skate park, a dog park and a community garden. Not in this area, but in another 10 acre park,” Walker said.

“One of the great things about Irmo is the amenities that we have that many municipalities in the Midlands don’t have,” Moore said.

The mayor said his goal is for the new addition to the park to eventually pay for itself. He also adds that he is open to suggestions for the new recreational area from residents.

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