You have to have money to make money – and here is where you can get some

Tyler Ryan speaks with Shark Tank's Casting Director Mindy Zemrak about the show's popularity and tips to get cast to make a pitch to the Sharks

HOLLYWOOD CA (WOLO) — Since 2009, the American Dream of entrepreneurism has been realized thanks to a group very successful business leaders and a show on ABC Columbia called Shark Tank.

The premise, of course, is that entrepreneurs make short pitches to the Sharks, with the hope that they can score a partnership and funding for their business or idea.

For 13 seasons, Shark Tank been very successful in it’s time slot, and won several awards.

According to Casting Director Mindy Zemrak, the show is looking to cast Season 14, and is hoping that some great ideas come from the Midlands.

Zemrak, who has been with the show since the beginning says that the show is “110% real,” saying that the entrepreneurs practice their pitches, however, when the walk out in front of the Sharks, it is the first time they have seen each other.  Every reaction and deal are because the Sharks believe in the products.  “The money all belongs to the Sharks,” she says.

Zemrak says that the American Dream is alive and well, as people are leaving their traditional jobs to start businesses, that solve a problem, or improve on a product already on the market.

She offers a couple tips to anyone who is wanting to pitch the Sharks:

“Tell us a little about your journey, or back story,” she says, “Tell us about why you came up with your product, and anything that makes it different than other products out there.”

Shark Tank Season 14 is casting until July, according to Zemrak, and to apply, go to



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