Hall of Horrors serves up February frights

CAYCE, SC (WOLO) — Love can be scary.

Or at least it is in Cayce. 

That’s because the local Jaycees chapter designed a Valentine’s Day themed offseason haunted house titled Sins of the Flesh. It scared visitors the past two weekends and the ticket proceeds went towards a good cause.

“Our chapter ever year works with a camp in Clemson called Camp Hope. It’s for disabled individuals of all ages,” said Shelby Spencer, Jaycees chapter president.

While the ticket money goes towards making people happy, you were sure to be a little scared if you entered the Hall of Horrors attraction.

“This time we’re kind of going for a high school broken heart theme. A lot of broken hearted teenagers running around the haunted house,” said O’Shawn McClendon, program director.

Every year the Jaycees put on a Halloween event, but it’s the first year the group has done something out of season.

“This specific event for Valentine’s Day we started a few weeks ago,” McClendon said. For Halloween, it’s year round.”

It means the creators of nightmares are always looking for new scares.

“We go to a big trade show in March. It’s a national convention where you can buy every type of mask and makeup,” McClendon said. “They have seminars on building haunt sets, props and things like that.”

As much preparation goes into the set, McClendon says the real scares come from the volunteers who run it.

“Our actors are what make the show what it is,” he said. “They bring it to life every year. All we do is create the environment for them. They’re able to take it from us. We give them a concept and they take it to the moon. It’s very actor based.”

The Jaycees chapter president says she knows the reason why the haunted attraction is so popular. 

“Because it’s just terrifying,” Spencer explained. “All you have is this music and it’s very ominous. That’s my favorite part is the blackout nights.”

It’s so frightening that even the project manager gets scared.

“I’m a big chicken even though I design and build the show,” McClendon admits. “A lot of people in my everyday life that don’t understand haunted attractions are like, ‘Why are you so scared of everything?’ Honestly, I think that helps you design the show a little better because you can put yourself in the moment.”

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