Consumer News: Aluminum shortage could affect canned beer and cat food, tips to get a deal on your next flight

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CNN– Shortages continue to affect grocery stores, and now the latest victims appear to be cat food and canned beer. That’s because of an aluminum shortage, right as peak demand season approaches. Supply chain experts from the University of South Florida tell us there’s a few factors to blame, including increasing labor shortages, the pandemic and the ongoing supply chain crisis. Prouction isn’t meeting up with demand, and China’s pollution crackdown is driving down aluminum manufacturing even further. Experts predict this is an issue that may linger for several more months, well into 2023.

ABC NEWS– With a startling rise in airfares, domestic flight costs have increased 40% since January, and they are only expected to climb even higher this spring. That means your summer vacations are going to be much more expensive, but there are ways to catch a deal before catching your flight. ABC’s Trevor Ault has the details.

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