GMC Food Hack: Saving $94 on the Oreo x Ritz

Tyler Ryan and Lindsey Goodwin share a food hack that will save you $94 bucks

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Late last week, Mondelez, the company responsible for many well known snack brands, including Tang, Philadelphia, Halls, Mike’s Trident, Oreo and Ritz, introduced a new treat based on the latter two treats.

On Thursday, the company offered 1000 free boxes of their Oreo x Ritz Cracker, on the Ritz website, asking only for shipping and handling of $3.95.

The offer didn’t last long, and far less than an hour later, the same site reported that they had sold out.

It would seem that the rules of supply and demand where in full force, as boxes of the sought after treat were selling for as much as $100 on EBAY.


Good Morning Columbia’s Tyler Ryan and Lindsey Goodwin came up with a hack that will allow you to enjoy the same treat for about $4 bucks.

Here is what you need:

1 package of Great Value Twist and Shout Double Filled cookies ($2.48)

Twist And Shout

1 box of Great Value Buttery Round crackers ($2.18)


1 Jar of peanut butter (For the segment, we found Harris Teeter at the TV station, but you can get Great Value for about $1.72)


This makes the total about $6.38 for all the sweet and salty snacks your body can handle.

Here is what you do:

  1. Twist apart the cookie – the twist is important, as it tends to leave all the cream filling on one side, rather than simply pulling them apart
  2. Spread some peanut butter on the cracker, and put them together
  3. Eat




Tyler Ryan is an award winning television and radio personality, writer, investigative journalist, and professional emcee.  He appears daily on ABC Columbia’s Good Morning Columbia, as well as hosting the syndicated radio program Carolina Cares on the South Carolina Radio Network, and the iHeart Radio Network.  Tyler also regularly appears as a criminal expert and journalist on regional and national crime based programs like Snapped and Killer Couples.  You can contact him directly via EMAIL Or on the socials: Tyler’s Instagram  // Tyler’s Facebook



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