5-foot-long alligator spotted in North Myrtle Beach ocean

By Julia Varnier (WPDE)

An alligator was spotted in the ocean in the Cherry Grove area on Sunday afternoon.

Officials say DNR was called around 3 p.m. to remove the alligator, which was about five feet long.

It happened at 17th Avenue North. The alligator was in the surf line, officials confirmed.

The video shows what seems to be a gator going for a swim as a small crowd gathers in the area.

North Myrtle Beach Ocean Rescue Officers assisted North Myrtle Beach Animal Control and the South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources in relocating the freshwater alligator from the tide poll.

Crews said it was unharmed in the process.

“If you see an animal out of its natural habitat, please remember that it may be confused or scared and give it plenty of space until it can be removed safely,” officials said on Facebook.

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