Pawmetto Lifeline offering adoption specials after reaching full capacity

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(Source: Pawmetto Lifeline)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – Animal shelters in Columbia say they are experiencing capacity issues.

Pawmetto Lifeline says it’s in the midst of what their calling a 911 emergency. The animal shelter is currently short staff and it has reached full capacity. Starting today it has seized intake but in an effort to free up space the shelter is holding an adoption special: Dogs 35 pounds and up are $50, cats are $50, and kittens are $75. Its also holding emergency orientations for people are interested in fostering an animal. 

“We need people to just let us use their homes and their time temporarily until we can get these animals adopted,“ says Denise Wilkinson who is the CEO of Pawmetto Lifeline.  Fostering is need most right now so the shelter can stop turning away animals. “It is so hard to tell people no and you’ve got to wait until we have more space but right now we are having to say to people, ‘no I am sorry we can not help you today’.”

Columbia Animal Shelter says it is having a tough time too and could reach full capacity at its shelter by the end of the day. 

“When we are at capacity unfortunately we do still take animals in as we are an open admission shelter. So unfortunately worse case scenario, some animals may be euthanized for space. We’ve been lucky to avoid that outcome but it is a possibility,” says Victoria Riles who is the Superintendent of Columbia Animal Shelter.

Pawmetto Lifeline says each animal is loved at the shelter but a home is where it belongs. 

“We don’t think any animal should die because its homeless. I know that this is an exceptional wonderful community that we live in and I know people will step up if they hear this message. So please reach out to Palmetto Lifeline today – don’t wait,” says Wilkinson. 

If you are interested in adoption or fostering you can visit Pawmetto Lifeline or Columbia Animal Shelter.




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