Consumer News: Hunting for the best shopping deals at stores with too much stock

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COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– A relief program aimed to help South Carolina residents during the COVID-19 pandemic is scheduled to end before July. The South Carolina Department of Revenue said relief offered to out-of-state employers on the state’s requirements for tax withholding will end on June 30. The relief was aimed at employees who normally traveled out of state for work and temporarily began working from home during the pandemic. The targeted relief began in May 2020. Starting July 1, employers will need to withhold taxes from wages for every employee who work in the state, even those still temporarily working in the state because of COVID-19.

ABC NEWS– Many stores now have too much stock on certain items, and they are slashing prices. ABC’s Becky Worley, always on the hunt for the best deals, has the latest.

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