House committee advances bill prohibiting abortion in Palmetto State

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — After two House committees discussed legislation concerning the prohibition of abortions in the state, the bill is now moving forward to the House floor.

Now, all House members will debate the bill that committee members advanced at the Blatt Building Tuesday afternoon.

“There’s going to be people that are happy with what we do. There’s going to be people who are upset with what we do,” said Rep. Jason Elliott, a Republican from Greenville.

What House committee members were doing today at the state house Tuesday was deciding whether to advance proposed legislation prohibiting abortion to the House floor for discussion.

“The proposed bill bans the practice of abortion as birth control,” said Rep. John McCravy, a Republican from Greenwood. “All pre-born lives matter in this bill. All innocent lives are protected regardless of the circumstances of conception or disability.”

While McCravy supports the proposed bill, some of his colleagues expressed their opposition.

“I think it’s an utter and complete travesty,” said Rep. Justin Bamberg, a Democrat from Bamberg. 

Bamberg added that he believed that lawmakers are wasting time debating abortion and not working on other issues in the state. 

Richland County Representative Seth Rose agreed with him and says that the abortion issue is not about religion. 

“This is one of the rare times that I have to say that I’m ashamed to be a part of this body,” said Rep. Rose, a Democrat from Columbia. “There’s so much legislation we could do to address the sick, poor, orphans and incarcerated. These are all groups that are mentioned in the Bible. According to this legislature, they take a back seat to the fetus.”

While not many lawmakers who voted for the bill gave testimony, Representative Sylleste Davis did speak in favor of the bill. 

“Especially after having my children, I believe that all life is important,” said Rep. Davis, a Republican from Berkeley County. “All life matters and all life is deliberate.”

Representative John Richard King says he personally does not support abortion but says that does not affect his vote in the issue,. 

“But what I do believe in is people making those decisions for themselves,” said Rep. King, a Democrat from York County. “I believe that the government has no place in telling women what to do with their bodies.”

After a vote of 13 for, 7 against and 5 not voting, the bill moves from the House judiciary committee to the full House floor. The political makeup of that body is 81 Republicans and 43 Democrats. 

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