NEW WOLVES: Newberry College welcomes record-breaking freshman class to campus

NEWBERRY, SC (WOLO) — After a record breaking freshman class moved onto campus this week, Newberry College prepares for classes to begin on Monday.

“Well, I think college is most importantly a time for students to explore and learn about themselves such as what their strengths and loves are and also to discover their purpose in the world,” said David Rachels, Newberry dean of humanities. “I think Newberry College allows students to do that better than any other college I know of.”

This semester, 520 new students now call Newberry College home, but the school’s president says it not just about enrollment numbers. 

“We’re not trying to sell you, we’re trying to make sure it’s a good match,” said Maurice Scherrens, Newberry College president.

Scherrens emphasizes the school’s small class sizes and opportunities for leadership in both academics and extracurricular activities.

Current students say they are enjoying these aspects of Newberry College.  

“Teachers treat you like family. They help you stay focused. People here are great,” said Johnathan Brown, Newberry sophomore and football player. “They get along and everyone is in one group. It’s a family experience out here.”

“It’s been awesome. It’s a really small college so it’s personalized,” said Samantha Duncan, Newberry sophomore and soccer player. “I’ve met a lot of great people and made a lot of great connections. I’m really lucky and thankful to be here.”

“We really do emphasize the relationship  that we  as faculty members get to have with our students,” said psychology professor Carrie Caudill. “We create communities within our classrooms to understand who they are, what they are studying and connect it to learning outside of the classroom environment.”

As the school grows in population, new facilities are also going up. The new projects include a nursing building, new dorm hall and renovations to the football field. 

“Three really exciting projects, which is a lot for a small liberal arts college,” Scherrens said. “We’re also adding some academic programs.”

The president as well as students themselves are excited for the fall semester to begin. 

“Main thing I’m excited about is grades, getting all A’s and B’s,” Brown said. “Second thing is the football team. I want to get another ring and maybe a championship.”

“It’s really motivating to walk around campus and be around people who want to be here and are doing the same thing you’re doing,” Duncan said.

“Any student who is curious about themselves and the world fits in here great,” Rachels said.

“We just want one thing,” Scherrens said. “When they walk across the stage and you ask them if they’d do it again, they say ‘Without a doubt, it’s been the best four years of my life.’”

Newberry College’s student population has grown to around 1,300 students with this year’s new class.

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