LT GOV RACE: Tally Casey challenges incumbent Pamela Evette for second in command

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — While a lot of focus has been on the race for governor, South Carolina’s second in command position is also on the ballot.

Republican Pamela Evette seeks re-election for lieutenant governor. Her challenger, Democrat Tally Parham Casey, voted early in Columbia Tuesday morning.

“This election may be the last chance that South Carolina has to protect choice for women,” Casey said.

Throughout their campaign, Joe Cunningham and Tally Casey have emphasized that they stand for a woman’s right to an abortion. 

“We want South Carolina to be a place that attracts businesses and new talent to the state,” Casey said. “We want to be a leader in all areas, including legalizing marijuana.”

In addition to legalizing marijuana, Cunningham and Casey believe that sports betting could also be another revenue source for the state. 

“Our agenda is about freedom. Freedoms are at stake here in South Carolina,” Casey said. “Also, the economy is something that is weighing on people’s minds. Joe and I have a plan that is an economic gangbuster.”

She says this plan includes eliminating the state income tax, expanding Medicaid and creating a state minimum wage. She also states that voting could be improved in South Carolina.

“If you can vote with a concealed weapons permit, you should be able to vote with a student ID. We should have same-day registration,” Casey said. “It would be good to get rid of the straight ticket voting option on the ballot. That just increases partisanship in South Carolina.”

“Straight ticket voting is alive and well here in South Carolina,” said current lieutenant governor, Pamela Evette at a campaign event. “That’s because of Drew [McKissic], his team and all of you. If you’re here, you know how important it is.”

Evette believes she and the governor are leading the state in the right direction. 

“We elevate our technical colleges to what they need to be. The governor gave 50 million dollars to make sure we create the workforce of tomorrow,” the lieutenant governor said. “These are all great things happening in our state and things we can’t say are happening across the country. We want to make sure we keep South Carolina the strong red state that it has always been.”

One thing the two candidates agree on is that early voting is a good idea. 

“November 8th is going to be a great day,” Evette said. “Because of all your hard work, we’re going to see a red wave across South Carolina. Get out, vote early and get everyone to the polls.”

Early voting ends Saturday. Find out more here.

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