GOVERNOR’S RACE: McMaster and Cunningham travel Palmetto State with less than a week until Election Day

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Do voters want another term for Governor Henry McMaster or a fresh face in office?

Election Day will reveal the answer. Until then, both candidates are speaking to voters across South Carolina.

“Get out and vote early now,” said Joe Cunningham, Democratic candidate for governor. “Tell your parents, family, friends and everybody that we’re fighting for something bigger, that next generation of leadership.“

“We need your vote,” said Gov. Henry McMaster. “We need to stick together and keep this team together for the future of our state and our children.”

McMaster’s challenger says that South Carolina is in need of new leadership.

“I’m tired of these old career politicians making decisions for us when they’re not even going to be alive to live with the consequences,” Cunningham said.

The former congressman hopes to eliminate the state income tax as well as legalize marijuana and sports betting if elected governor. 

“Marijuana and sports betting are already happening in South Carolina,” Cunningham said. “We might as well regulate it, tax it and give the money to our teachers who need it.”

Governor McMaster disagrees with legalizing sports betting and marijuana, but recognizes the need to increase teachers’ salaries. 

“We have three main pillars to our strength: economic development, education and environment,” the governor said. “They’re all interwoven. If one is weak, the others can’t support it. Chief among those is education.”

McMaster boasts about the state’s low unemployment rate, large rainy day fund, emphasis on funding technical college scholarships and more. 

“Our state had the most capital investment in this last year than we ever had in our history, over 5 billion dollars and still counting because we still have a month to go,” McMaster said.

The governor believes voters are happy with his progress in his first term and plans to build on that in a second term. 

“If we open the doors for people, they will walk through it,” McMaster said. “All it takes is common sense.”

On the other side, Cunningham continues to spread his platform to those in the Palmetto State who do not like where things are going in South Carolina. 

“Our politicians are not a true reflection of who we are as South Carolinians, but we can change that,” Cunningham said.

You can vote early for governor through Saturday. Election Day is Tuesday.

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