Caught on camera — Truck crashes through lobby of Minnie’s Auto Repair in Irmo


The lobby of Minnie’s Auto Repair in Irmo was destroyed Monday night after a truck crashed through the front of the building.

According to Assistant Chief Sloane Valentino with the Irmo Fire District, by the time Irmo Fire arrived to the scene, the driver of the Ford F-150 involved in the crash had left the vehicle.

Chief Valentino says the driver was later found and checked out by EMS, and had only sustained minor injuries.

Claudia Donnelley, the owner of Minnie’s Auto Repair, says she’s trying to stay positive and continue business as usual.

“It’s your baby that got destroyed. So, but then, it’s kind of petty. It’s just material things. You know? You get over it, and that’s where we are now. We can replace all that, we can make it different. So now we have an opportunity to remodel, and the main thing is my I.T. guy came here this morning and set up everything in my office. We got everyone squished together, we’re cozy. We got everything operational. We got plenty of work. We’ll take care of the demolished cars and we’ll keep on going you know?”

According to Valentino, Irmo Fire added a large wooden post Tuesday afternoon to prevent the front of the building from falling any further.

“If we start to try to lift it up, we get into problems of bent metal and unintended consequences. What we really want to do is support it exactly where it is so it doesn’t come down any further,” Valentino says.

While no one was in Minnie’s at the time of the incident, the manager of Palmetto Thrift next door, Lauren Floyd, says some of her team members were leaving as the accident happened.

“Some of our workers were here last night making sure that everybody was ok, everything was situated. You know, calling the police and everything like that,” Floyd says.

Donnelley says she and her team have received lots of support from other automobile businesses and the community, saying, “It’s one of those things where something bad happens and it brings out the good in everybody around, and you really get to see it. And it. It feels good. It really does.”

According to Trooper Tyler Tidwell with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the investigation into what caused the crash continues, and no information on the driver of the Ford F-150 has been released.

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