UPDATE: Columbia Parking cashless payments offered through “ParkHub”

The City of Columbia has introduced a new way to pay for parking.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)— The City of Columbia has introduced a new way to pay for parking.

Columbia Parking Services announced earlier this week that they’ll begin using a cashless payment method called Parkhub in addition to the already existing cash and card payment options.

A service fee will apply to cashless transactions. You can go cashless at all paid parking areas effective immediately.

City of Columbia officials have answered a few questions regarding the new service:

Does this replace the Passport App?

This does not replace Passport.  Passport is a parking app use to pay for parking for our on street spaces.  Parkhub is a platform that is used at this moment to pay for Event Parking (Graduations, concerts, Basketball games, Cheerleader Competition, etc.)  in our decks and lots.

Can’t find Parkhub on IPhone apps?

There is no need to download an app.  When you pull up to an event, you pay for parking by taping or sliding your credit card to pay for your parking verses paying cash.  This is a handheld device used by event staff.  The device is an IPhone with a credit card reader attached.

For more information, contact the Parking Service at ParkingServices@columbiasc.gov.

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