City of Columbia introduces cashless parking garages

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — The next time you go to see one of your favorite musicians or make your way to a basketball game in downtown Columbia, you may have a faster time getting in and out of any of the eight parking garages in the area.

The City of Columbia’s Parking Services is introducing a new cashless parking payment system within parking garages called Parkhub.

Parking Services Business Liaison George Floyd says the new system will be much more efficient without involving cash.

“Present them with a card, and they can tap it, they can swipe it, and they can chip it. It takes just a few seconds, and provides an easier way for people to get through the payment line,” says Floyd.

According to Floyd, Parkhub is a nationwide payment system that takes any debit card or credit card and also takes Apple Pay.

And faster service is not the only benefit.

“It also helps with inventory control. We know how many spots we have to sell in the lot and it helps us from overselling,” says Floyd.

He also says yet another benefit of Parkhub is that it cuts back on the labor needed at each parking garage.

“Cash transactions involve a lot of extra steps and processes and even people, so going cashless provides our guests with a payless option, so instead of digging for change to pay, this way you pull right up, pop it in and it’s quick and easy.

Parking Operations Financial Analyst Glenn Sharpe agrees.

“We no longer have to worry about getting money bags together, we no longer have to worry about counting everything back down. Everything now will be electronic. We get nice reports from Parkhub that tell us every dime that comes through here in and out. That’s very easy to match with the bank for the upper accountants up there. Just a great service for the City of Columbia in general,” says Sharpe.

Floyd says parking will cost $5, $10, or $20 dollars depending on the event and a 5% service fee will apply.

He also says Parkhub does not take Google Pay at this time.

According to Parking Services, street parking will remain the same allowing for coins or the Passport app as forms of payment.

For more information on parking, and to view all of the parking facilities available, visit Parking Services here.

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