Governor McMaster releases statement on S.C. Supreme Court’s Ruling on Fetal Heartbeat Act

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– South Carolina’s Governor is reacting to the SC Supreme Court ruling today that concluded the state’s six week abortion ban is unconstitutional.

Governor Henry McMaster today released the following statement in response to the South Carolina Supreme Court’s ruling on the state’s Fetal Heartbeat Act:

“Our State Supreme Court has found a right in our Constitution which was never intended by the people of South Carolina. With this opinion, the Court has clearly exceeded its authority. The people have spoken through their elected representatives multiple times on this issue. I look forward to working with the General Assembly to correct this error.”


COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– The South Carolina Supreme Court today ruled the state’s 6 week abortion ban is unconstitutional.

The Court saying in its opinion that the state has the authority to limit the right of privacy that protects women but that limitation must be reasonable.

The court wrote in the conclusion: ‘Six weeks is, quite simply, not a reasonable period of time for these two things to occur, and therefore the Act violates our state Constitution’s prohibition against unreasonable invasions of privacy.’


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