S.C. State University hosts forum to discuss police brutality

Orangeburg, SC (WOLO) — The savage beating and subsequent death of 29 year old Type Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee has renewed the discussion over police brutality.

Tuesday evening South Carolina State University’s Department of Social Sciences held a forum entitled, “Let’s Talk about Tyre Nichols: Black Bodies and Institutional Violence” to tackle the issue head on.

Organizers say the purpose of the event is to talk about the relationship between police and people of color. Specifically, black men who members of the panel say all too often end with negative outcomes when they have encounters with law enforcement.

The panel for the event was made up of a lawyer, A Orangeburg City Councilwoman who also formerly served as a police officer and the Executive Director for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Dr. Alison McLetchie who is the Assistant Professor of the Social Sciences Department says this latest incident, points to a bigger historical pattern of social and cultural issues.

All of the members of the panel answered questions from those in attendance and also offered advice to keep you as safe as possible if you ever happen to find yourself with blue lights in your rear view. Panel speakers say the ultimate goal is for you to get home safely.

  • Stay Calm
  • Keep your hands in plain view
  • Try not to make sudden moves
  • Try to have registration, insurance, or ID’s readily available
  • Take pictures of bruises or evidence left behind to file a complaint at a later time
  • Get video of the altercation (If it is possible and safe for you to do so)
  • Call 9-1-1 and tell them you are being pulled over and looking for a well lit, safe place to park
  • Do not argue or get combative with approaching officers

For more tips and details about what rights you have when you are being pulled over go to the link HERE provided by the ACLU.

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