Local SRO and school nurse collect hygiene products for students

As a result, 500 bags were assembled to give to students at Forest Heights Elementary. 


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – One local school resource officer and a school nurse noticed there were students in need of personal hygiene products. 

Richland County Sheriff’s Department SRO Deputy Lacey Stackhouse and school nurse Laura Smith collected hundreds of hygiene products through donations to help fill in the gap. As a result, 500 bags were assembled to give to students at Forest Heights Elementary. 

“I wanted to bless these kids. This is why I do what I do,” says Deputy Stackhouse. 

Smith says along with the supplies comes education for the students. “We take for granted that everyone knows how to take care of themselves but they don’t. Simple things like brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, using shampoo, using soap, washing your feet – those are important things you have to teach children to do.”

The efforts also help students at Forest Heights Elementary see community responders in a different light. 

“Sometimes it’s hard for us as police officers because we have that bad outlook on us and I wanted to be able to let them know that I’m not just a police officer. I’m also a friend and they can confide in me,” says Deputy Stackhouse.

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“I want them to see nurses as friends. Medical care is not something you’re afraid to get,” says Smith. 

Next year, the pair have plans to have a store at the school with an endless supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and body wash. 

“They’ll come for refills and they will tell you up front ‘I want some more of that smelly lotion or can I have some more of that deodorant’. So to be able to have that freely for them is wonderful,” says Smith.  

“These kids mean the world to me you can walk down the halls and ask them, ‘What does Stackhouse say to you all the time?’ — and it is I love you, they know I love them,” says Deputy Stackhouse. 

 If you would like to donate hygiene products, call Forest Heights Elementary School at (803) 691-3780.

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