SC Senate subcommittee advances anti-transgender bill despite opposition from public

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Senate bills 623 and 627.

These may not mean anything to most people, but for members of the trans community, these bills are against what they believe in. Outside the statehouse Wednesday, supporters of gender affirming care spoke out against laws being proposed by a Senate subcommittee that would ban trans healthcare for minors.

Senators are divided on the issue. 

“It’s my belief that this is being driven socially. We need to protect our children,” said Sen. Richard Cash, a Republican from Anderson.

“It’s pretty clear it’s not needed,” said Sen. Brad Hutto, a Democrat from Orangeburg. “There is no identifiable problem in South Carolina that this will address. No minors are receiving any surgery now. Parents have full rights and consultation with their healthcare provider to make the right decisions for their children.”

One Charleston man has spoken out about his daughter’s gender affirming journey. 

“I’ve told her many times that she can stop treatment at any time she desires. She knows that at any time she can ‘change her mind’. She has stated multiple times that it’s not a choice, it’s who she is,” said Charleston father David Bell. “I share all this detail with you to underline that this is not an easy process. Our family has been on a journey with this and we’ve made decisions with medical providers every step of the way.”

However, one woman told senators about the pain she suffered as a teenager while attempting to transition to male. 

“Please don’t let any other vulnerable, mentally ill children become a life-long medical patient like me,” said de-transitioning woman Prisha Mosley. “Let them keep their healthy bodies.”

Wednesday afternoon, the governor spoke about his views on the subject. 

“Young people make mistakes,” said Gov. Henry McMaster. “Their judgment is not good in many instances, particularly for things that are presented around the country as being great and are celebrated by some people. I think most of the people in South Carolina think that children should not make those decisions. When you become an adult, you can make those decisions.”

The Senate subcommittee advanced the bill banning transgender healthcare for minor to the full Medical Affairs Committee.

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