U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham reintroduces bill to give law enforcement raises

Graham On TrumpWashington, DC (WOLO) — In just a few days we will celebrate the law enforcement community that protects and serves members of the community. United States Senator Lindsey Graham, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee wants to recognize them by putting some more money in their pockets. Graham re-introducing a bill that would increase paychecks for law enforcement agencies that are in areas that can’t always match the salaries being offered within Departments with access to better resources.

The bill known as the ‘COPS on the Beat Grant Program Parity Act of 2023′ would allow Departments located in low income and rural areas to use grant money to offer potential officer more money and retain the ones they already have, instead of losing employees to better paying locations. Some advocates say this will level the law enforcement playing field.

To date, the bill has received support from various law enforcement organizations from groups like the Major Cities Chiefs Association, National Sheriffs’ Association, Fraternal Order of Police, and National Association of Police Organizations.

Graham, says the agencies located in these rural areas or communities with less income already face enough road blocks, but using money garnered from the COPS hiring grant could help give them a little extra needed financial boost saying in a statement,

“Rural America has many challenges, policing among them,” said Graham. “This bill would increase access to much-needed grant money to assist rural law enforcement agencies in recruiting and retaining the brave men and women who wear the badge.”




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