SECOND READING: SC House advances 6-week abortion ban bill

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — The debate over abortion access in South Carolina dragged on into another day at the statehouse.

Tuesday, lawmakers stayed all day and only left in the early hours of Wednesday morning after technical issues. Wednesday afternoon, the special session continued with house democrats continuing to present their hundreds of amendments to Senate bill S.474. The bill outlaws abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Both Republicans and Democrats in the house have accused the other party of wasting taxpayer dollars during this special session. Democrats have suggested that the issue would best be resolved by allowing South Carolina residents to vote on the matter.

Eventually after all amendments were read and rejected, the bill received second reading after an 82 to 33 vote. This essentially passes the bill and moves it across the hall to the Senate.

The bill now has to pass in the senate before heading to the governors desk.

Democrats in the House believe that the state supreme court will ultimately find the bill unconstitutional. The South Carolina Supreme Court blocked the last fetal heartbeat bill in January on the grounds that it violated a woman’s right to privacy.

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