Shane Beamer updates two key injuries to Gamecock offense

After the South Carolina Gamecocks’ initial scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium, Coach Shane Beamer offered a comprehensive update on the team’s injuries during a Saturday night press conference.

Notably, Trey Knox and Antwane Wells were part of the discussion as Coach Beamer shared insights into the players’ conditions.

“Juice Wells didn’t scrimmage today,” Beamer said. “He won’t be back next week but optimistic he’ll be back for Game 1 right now the way Juice attacks things. He’s got a little bit of a lower-body injury that he’s dealing with right now. Nothing long-term, just some things that he’s got to get ahold of, and he assures me he’s playing Game 1, and knowing him, he will.”

Beamer said Knox didn’t srimmage on Saturday but they expect him back on Monday.

“It’s not DEFCON 3,” said Beamer. “Like supposedly it’s been on social media the last couple of days. We’ve got some injuries out there. But, my God, It’s football fellas, there’s injuries, there’s things that happen in practice, guys get banged up and come back, they’re tough. It’s called football. Like where we are as a team and toughness, mental and physical, and got a lot to improve on but it’s a good start through eight practices.”

The Gamecocks kick off the season against North Carolina at 7:30 pm on Sept. 2 on ABC.

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