Author: Lee Williams

Labor Day travelers discuss plans, gas prices, and traffic

With labor day weekend underway, travelers are already on the road. Gas prices and traffic conditions remain an annual concern.

According to AAA, the nationwide average cost of gas is around $3.81 per gallon. The average cost for a gallon of gas in South Carolina is around $3.43 per gallon. That’s down almost 30 cents per gallon from one month ago.

Local reactions to student loan relief

President Biden’s decision to provide student loan relief will affect millions of former and current students across the nation, and here in Columbia. Some students at the University of South Carolina are excited about the relief. Dr. Breyon Williams, Education Economist with Mathematica Policy Research in Washington, D.C., and University of South Carolina graduate, says those who might disagree with President Biden’s decision probably don’t need to worry about the plan impacting them financially.