Memorial Plans For Cheslie Kryst Announced; Public Invited to Attend

By Brianna Dahlquist (WCCB)

CHARLOTTE, NC–Friends and family members will come together to remember and honor the life of former 2019 Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst.

The Charlotte native shook the entire world when it was reported that she committed suicide last month by jumping from her New York apartment building. Kryst’s family says she suffered from high-functioning depression.

Her death triggered many and got people from all different walks of life to talk more about mental health. Local trauma therapist Denea Nens with Charlotte’s Women’s Counseling says it’s time we erase the stigma of what mental health looks like. She says that it’s not always easy to know if your loved ones are dealing with depression, but it’s important to ask.

Nens says, “The tough thing about anybody with high-functioning depression is that they are functioning. So a lot of their symptoms will just fly under the radar to people that are close to them because they’re looking like they are doing the normal things of day-to-day life. So with any type of depression, if a person’s symptoms start to shift, and you’re worried, say something.” 

A celebration of life will be held at 6:30 tonight at Elevation Church Blakeney  in South Charlotte. The public is welcome to attend. Family also set up a website to honor her life, and for people to make their tributes. That website is

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