Ft. Jackson offers new program for Army recruits not meeting requirements

Fort Jackson is offering a new program for Army recruits who don’t meet the testing or physical requirements to join the Army.

According to the US Army’s website, only about 23% of young Americans fully meet the Army’s eligibility requirements. Instead of lowering standards to join, Fort Jackson has a new program designed to meet recruits where they are and bring them up to the Army’s standards.

BASIC MARKSMANSHIP TRAINING: Fort Jackson officers demonstrate standard army weapon use

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Fort Jackson, the largest basic combat training installation in the Army, teaches 45,000 soldiers each year in its basic training program alone. The base employs thousands of workers and contributes more than $2 billion of revenue to the Palmetto State according to a study by the University of South Carolina. “This is the transformation from being…