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How effective are plexiglass barriers really?

In your health news, plexiglas barriers can be seen at check out counters in grocery stores and retail shops as an extra layer of protection against COVID-19. However, they may not be protecting you as much as you think.

Flu Shots for pregnant women- Health Study

ABC NEWS– Flu season is just around the corner  and if you’re pregnant you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to get a shot. In this health minute Kim Hutcherson explains, what the CDC has to say about it. Categories: Local News, National News Tags: health news

How you Commute Could Impact your Health, Says Study

ABC NEWS–Could the way you get to work save your life? New research is shedding light on those who walk and cycle to work as part of their daily commute, and the link to their health. With more on the research, here’s ABC News correspondent Kenneth Moton. Categories: Local News, News Tags: health news