Starbucks to do away with single use cups

The coffee chain says they are testing out different ways to further sustainability efforts

Image: Starbucks (CNN)  — Starbucks has a love-hate relationship with its cups. The company’s white — or sometimes holiday-themed — logo-emblazoned paper cups for hot drinks, and clear plastic cups for cold drinks are instantly recognizable symbols of the brand. But that’s not entirely a good thing. “Our cup is ubiquitous, and we love that,” said Michael Kobori, Starbucks chief sustainability officer….

Bentley releases plug-in hybrid vehicle

British luxury car maker, Bentley, just unveiled its first plug-in hybrid, the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid. The car is powered by a three-liter, V6 engine, assisted by an electric motor, rather than the eight of 12 cylinder engines available in other versions. The Bentayga Hybrid can be driven in three different modes. In its EV mode, it can drive using electric…