Bentley releases plug-in hybrid vehicle

[gtxvideo vid=’p3FgGtaF’ thumb=’’ vtitle=’Hybrid Bentley’]

British luxury car maker, Bentley, just unveiled its first plug-in hybrid, the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid.

The car is powered by a three-liter, V6 engine, assisted by an electric motor, rather than the eight of 12 cylinder engines available in other versions.

The Bentayga Hybrid can be driven in three different modes. In its EV mode, it can drive using electric power alone for 31 miles. “Hold” mold maintains the charge in the battery, so the Bentayga can be driven in EV mode later. And in hybrid mode, it drives like a normal hybrid vehicle.

Bentley says it plans to eventually make plugin hybrid versions of all its models.


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