Tasty Tuesday: Which Wich? THIS Which

Tyler Ryan tries his hand at making the ultimate PB&J with Which Wich on Tasty Tuesday

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–There is just something about a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich that transcends time.  That is the premise behind the Which Wich Project PBJ program has made it a mission to hand them out as a part of various outreach programs, including feeding kids, and first responders.

Sarah Todd, local owner of the Which Wich on Main Street and Bower Parkway says that when you purchase a PBJ, the funds are used simply to create more, that are then distributed in the community.

Todd, who appeared with Tyler Ryan on Good Morning Columbia’s Tasty Tuesday, also share the ingrediants to two customer favorites at the restaurant:

The Italian Club:


  • Made on a baquete
  • Turkey, capicola and bacon are the meats
  • Provolone cheese
  • Topped with Pesto sauce
  • Tomatoes and lettuce are the veggies added.

The Cobb Salad Wrap:

  • Chicken
  • bacon
  • sliced egg
  • topped with ranch and bleu cheese
  • Avacado and tomatoes will be the veggies needed all wrapped inside a spinach tortilla

Hacks or Tips:  All of our sandwiches at Which Wich are all toasted in an oven and served hot.  Very yummy!