Garcia Says He’s Cleaned Up His Act

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Former Gamecock quarterback Stephen Garcia has spoken out for the second time in a week about his past troubles while playing at the University of South Carolina. In a story published by the Palm Beach Post on Tuesday night, the article cited Garcia’s problems and trouble he caused while in Columbia. “The impression that people have of me that don’t know me is, ‘He’s an alcoholic’ or ‘He’s a bad kid, always causing trouble,'” Garcia told the paper. “I don’t feel like I am. Ask anyone that knows me on a personal level and they will say the same thing. I just got caught up in some stuff. I’m a much different person now than I was.” Garcia, a Tampa native, spoke with a Tampa cable station last week about some of the similar topics and is currently training for a possible future in the NFL. You can see the entire Palm Beach Post article at the web address below.

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