Social Media Safety

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(WOLO) LEXINGTON, S.C., — It’s easy to think you are safe behind the mask of your computer screen but Lexington County Sheriff’s say you can never let your guard down. In fact, authorities held the social media class to make sure the public is keeping up with the pitfalls of the superinformation highway which has hundreds of millions of users logging on, and counting. While the program was open to the public, officials say they really wanted to send a message to parents and teens who may not know how dangerous the internet can sometimes be. Social media coordinator with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, Erik Murrah says one of the biggest misconceptions of the internet is that what you put on-line stays private. Murrah says that couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you post something, it’s there to stay and can cost you your reputation, a job, even your safety.

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