Zinah Jennings Indicted, Mother Speaks Out

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Columbia, SC (WOLO)– According to the Richland Co. Solicitor’s Office, Zinah Jennings, mother of missing Midlands toddler Amir Jennings, has been indicted on one count of unlawful conduct towards a child. The case was heard Thursday morning at the Richland Co. Courthouse by a grand jury. Also on Thursday, ABC Columbia News sat down with Zinah Jennings’ mother, Jocelyn Jennings. “A daily nightmare,” says Jocelyn Jennings. That’s how Jocelyn Jennings describes the days since her grandson, Amir disappeared nearly 5 months ago. She recalls the last time she saw him. “We fell asleep watching a movie and he was Amir, happy baby, comfortable, glad to be there,” says Jennings. She also talked about her relationship with her daughter, Zinah. “Mother, daughter, I’m pretty much an old school Mom, tough love,” says Jocelyn Jennings. Joceyln Jennings says the two didn’t always see eye to eye. “She basically kind of fought for her own independence as a parent,” says Jennings. “I felt like there should be a certain time to go to bed, to get up, that it should be routine,” says Jennings. But she says there were happy times, like Mother’s Day last year. “Zinah, Amir and I were at Hilton Head on the beach,” says Jennings. “And here were are now a year later during this same time of year and it’s a totally different scenario,” says Jennnings. Jocelyn Jenning says she visits with her daughter on a weekly basis, but their conversations are limited, especially when it comes to Amir. ” I don’t question her, I just speak as, speak about the future,” say Jennings. “I don’t want her to come to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to see me,” says Jennings. But she says the visits have offered hope that Amir is still alive. “I’ve heard enough from Zinah to indicate that, she’s inidicated that in more ways than one,” says Amir. Yet, she does not think her daughter knows where Amir is. “She has concerns and has expressed concerns about being able to locate him when she gets out and the longer she’s in… the harder that’s going to be,” says Jennings. Amir Jennings was last seen on Thanksgiving of last year. Zinah Jennings’ attorney, Hemphill Pride, II says he plans to file a dismissal sometime next week.

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