Candidates Debate in Richland County

This video is no longer available.

(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C., — It was an hour long debate held by Richland County’s Democratic Women. Many of the candidates peaking to Richland county residents to ensure them they’ve got what it takes to bring change to State and County government. Residents came out in full force to hear more about the people behind the names on the ballot. Hoping to find out what plans they have in place do to benefit South Carolinians. Still, some citizens say they walked away empty handed. Henrietta Brown who has been unemployed for 2 and a half years says she didn’t hear any of the candidates talk about her main concern, job growth. Others say they wanted to hear more about schools, the city’s transit system and ultimately how these candidates will do what those before them have failed to. Sandra Simms says she is primarily looking change and the best candidate who will make it happen. “At some point you have to look back and say did i make a difference. If you didn’t then maybe you should be doing something different.”

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