Gameday Updates: Clemson at (5) USC

4:09 p.m., @SC_HBC: Come out and support @uscbaseball today at 4 o’clock vs the @TEAM from the upstate! Ill be there. 4:29 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: White singels and drives in PInder to give the Tigers a 1-0 , still 2 outs, top of the 2nd. 4:37 p.m., @MikeABCColumbia: 1-2-3 go the #Gamecocks in the bottom of the second. We head to the T3, #Clemson leads 1-0. 4:41 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Tigers threatening again. Back-to-back hits and Clemson has runners 1st and 3rd with 1 out, T3. 4:44 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: #Gamecocks trail 2-0. Gore, Mooney and Cone due up in the bottom of the 3rd. 4:49 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: #Gamecocks still trail 2-0 going to the 4th 4:50 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: New pitcher for #Gamecocks is LHP Vince Fiori 4:57 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: Going to the bottom of the 4th Clemson still leads 2-0. Schrock, Martin and Bright due up for the #Gamecocks 4:59 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Clemson throws four pitches in bottom of 4th, easy 1-2-3 inning. Head to T5, still 2-0 #Clemson 5:24 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: Clemson has runners on the corners with 1 out in the top of the 6th 5:31 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: #Gamecocks trail 2-0. Cone, Caldwell and Schrock due up in the bottom of the 6th 5:38 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Two on, nobody out and Schrock grounds into double play. Runner on third, 2 outs for Martin. 5:43 p.m., @Gamecockbasebll: Clemson still leads 2-0 through 6 innings 5:43 p.m., @1075thegame: Gamecocks show signs of life in B6 w/ walk & single, but double play & strikeout end threat. Tigers still ahead 2-0 entering 7th. 5:49 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: A pair of 1-out singles give Clemson runners on the corners in the top of the 7th. 5:55 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: Duggar doubles and drives in Rohlman, Tigers now leading 3-0. Still 1 out in the top of the 7th. 5:56 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: #Gamecocks go to the bullpen for RHP Brandon Murray 6:00 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Okey grounds out to Schrock, very close play at first. Run scored, 4-0 #Clemson 6:01 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: WIld pitch scores another for the Tigers, #Gamecocks trail 5-0 6:02 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: Clemson leads 5-0. Bright, Destino and Taylor due up for the #Gamecocks in the bottom of the 7th. 6:08 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: #Gamecocks still trail 5-0 going to the 8th. 6:08 p.m., @Haney1075: Clemson’s done nearly everything right. Koerner sharp on the hill & hid D has played clean. Tigers near 1st series W over SC since ’10. 6:15 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Clemson goes 1-2-3 in the top of the 8th. #Gamecocks with 6 outs left to try to get something going, down 5-0 6:21 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Schrock’s struggles continue as he goes down swinging. Fifth strikeout of the day for Koerner, #Clemson cruising heading to the 9th 5-0 6:26 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Tiger’s Slaton hit by pitch, steals second, Rohlman follows with RBI double. #Clemson pouring it on, now 6-0 6:27 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: #Gamecocks go to the bullpen for LHP John Parke 6:35 p.m., @GamecockBasebll: Heading to the bottom of the 9th #Gamecocks trail 7-0 6:40 p.m., @thomasdgruel: Alex Destino goes down swining and #Clemson shuts out #Gamecocks in Columbia for first time since 1972. 6:41 p.m., @1075thegame: Brody Koerner polishes off complete game with a K. Clemson wins 7-0 to take first season regular series over Gamecocks since 2010.

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