Crews rescue more than 50 from North Charleston neighborhood

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — More than 50 people were rescued over the weekend in parts of the Pepperhill neighborhood of North Charleston. On Monday, washed out of their homes, people living along Peppercorn Lane were waiting for the waters to recede, but officials say it‘s still not safe to return. Cars still sit drowning in floodwater that reeks of gasoline and in some parts, sewage. Access is limited. Authorities are only allowing those needing essential items in and out and some residents, not at all. Sheran Moore and her husband have called this home for 30 years, weathered many storms, and say they expected more of the same. “He said, you know, ‘it would be something if we fall asleep, wake up and we‘re floating and I thought it was funny‘,” said Moore. “Until I sat up, put my feet over the bed and water was right up to my heel. And I said, ‘okay, this isn‘t funny anymore.‘” Led by firefighters, the Moore‘s safely made it out, but aren‘t so sure about what remains inside. “It‘s a mess. Things are just floating. They‘re floating everywhere. A bookshelf fell, encyclopedias, you know the old paper ones,” said Moore. While the waters are starting to recede, the impending rain on Monday could keep them from returning home for the next couple of days. Photo courtesy of WCIV

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