Law enforcement agencies seize more than $30K in stolen items

ORANGEBURG, SC (WOLO) — Authorities in the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office and the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office are urging residents to keep track of serial numbers on the valuables after nearly $30,000 worth of stolen items, including more than 20 weapons, were recovered from an Orangeburg County residence. Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said utility trailers, weapons, camouflage clothing and ski masks were seized after a joint operation between the two agencies on Sunday. “Investigators from both the Orangeburg County Sheriff‘s Office and the Bamberg County Sheriff‘s Office went to a residence where stolen items were suspected to have been taken,” he said. “These items recovered were discovered to have been stolen from both Bamberg County and Barnwell County.” 34-year-old Daniel Etheridge of Orangeburg, was taken into custody on charges of receiving goods over $10,000 and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Bond was set on Etheridge at $7,500. Ravenell said that since the recovery, investigators have been processing 21 rifles and shotguns, two bows, more than $5,000 worth of silver and collectible coins, another $5,000 worth of jewelry, the trailers, and golf cart. The stolen items recovered closes at least four burglaries in the two Lowcountry counties. Several ski masks, communication radios, plastic handcuffs, and an armored vest were found inside the Orangeburg County residence. “These were some sophisticated individuals prepared to go to extreme measures,” Ravenell said. Authorities in all counties affected are again urging residents to make a list of serial numbers for their electronics, weapons, lawn equipment, or any other valuables. Take photos of jewelry and coin collections, if at all possible officials caution. “The vast majority of this recovery – from the guns to the coins to the trailers – it‘s all going back to its rightful owner because they wrote down serial numbers,” Ravenell said. “It‘s difficult to return items when there aren‘t any identifiers on the item. Write them down, it can only help.” More arrests are expected.

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