Video: A Glance at Saturday’s Democratic Primary

Columbia, S.C (WOLO) — The South Carolina Democratic primary is days away when South Carolina voters will head to the polls to vote for Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Clinton and Sanders are getting ready to battle it out in the Palmetto State, Clinton hoping to maintain momentum coming off a win in Nevada.
“It was hard fought,” said Clinton after the victory.
Meanwhile, Sanders is hoping to stage a comeback.
“South Carolina has the opportunity to make history and I hope you will,” said Sanders.
Clinton, who lost a contentious primary battle to Barack Obama in 2008 is currently commanding the lead in South Carolina by double digits in most polls.
“She seems to have solid support across the state particularly among the African American community,” explained USC Political Science Professor, Bob Oldendick.
According to Oldendick, the key for both Clinton and Sanders in South Carolina will be earning the African American vote, which Oldendick says makes up roughly 55 percent of Saturday’s electorate.
“Hillary’s support in that community is very solid, Sanders recognizes that,” said Oldendick. “That’s such a large block they recognize he can’t lose that block of voters by a substantial amount if they have any chance of winning or even keeping it close.”
 For Sanders, Oldendick says he will also have to reach the young voters if he wants to trump Clinton.
“He’s got all the enthusiasm and all these voters and to make sure that in the college communities that he makes those appeals, gets those people out, those first time voters who we know are less reliable and maybe not be registered maybe not know where to go to vote he’s got to make sure that those get organized,” explained Oldendick.
Oldendick says he expects there will be a good turnout at the polls this weekend but not as big as 2008 when he says the Democratic party had all the excitement between Clinton and Obama. However, he says how large the turnout is and what demographics show up to vote could impact how wide the margin is between Clinton and Sanders.
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