It’s Friday. Relax. Let us do the work at 11.

It's a Friday Night Live newscast produced just for you. Let's get you ready.

Ben(1)Intense moments played out for officers on the Saluda-Lexington County line. Tonight, a sheriff’s deputy and a suspect are in hospital beds with injuries sustained in a series of events that included a patrol car being struck and bullets flying. We’ll put the pieces together at the top of the hour.

Plus, It took more than abs of steel for the girl who set a fitness record with 2,110 sit-ups. The muscle the 10-year-old says she relied on the most. So, who was holding her feet down for the grueling 90 minutes? You’ll see in the story at 11. It’s inspiring girls and boys everywhere.

And, using Reagan’s words to make a point. How one group is using one Ronald Reagan’s most famous speeches to make the case for Syrian refugees resettling in South Carolina.

It’s a Friday Night Live newscast produced just for you!




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