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Ben(1)Coming up immediately following the latest episode of Castle on ABC Columbia News at 11:

The nearly century old airport hangar and the group motivated to breathe new life into the neglected piece of history. They hope you’ll soon join them to raise a pint to pilots of the past! ABC Columbia’s Grace Joyal has the story of the historic site set to take flight.

The South Carolina elected official urging lawmakers to plow through Gov. Haley’s freshly penned veto. It’s a fight playing out on our state’s flood-ravaged farmland and in the State House. We’ve got both sides to this developing story.

Go for the Gold! A new phone number is revealed at 11 that puts you in the running to win a free Gold Tablet. It’s a piece of iBling everyone’s trying to get their hands on!

See you shortly as we broadcast live from our studios conveniently situated on South Carolina’s Main Street! -Ben


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