Must-Try Recipes for Most-Searched Thanksgiving Foods

The search for recipes for big events like Thanksgiving Day has evolved past cookbooks to the internet, where people can easily search, find and share both beloved and new recipes.

Data from Google shows the top trending Thanksgiving food items this year are turkey dressing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, prime rib and corn casserole.

Green bean casserole proved to be the most-searched side dish overall, as well as the most-searched in states across the country, from California to Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts and more.

The search engine’s data also shows how Thanksgiving preferences vary by state and region when it comes to turkey and pies.


Twitter’s data on the most tweeted-about Thanksgiving food items for the month of November shows turkey, pie, potatoes, pumpkin and stuffing as the most popular.

We paired the most-searched Thanksgiving foods on Twitter and Google with some of our favorite recipes from the “GMA” recipes archive, so get in the kitchen and start cooking!

Carla Hall’s Pan Seared-Turkey With Spicy Gremolata

Richard Blais’ Confit Turkey

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Presalted Turkey

Scott Conant’s Spatchcocked Turkey

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