What happens at the office Christmas party….ends up on YouTube

What happens at the office Christmas party....ends up on YouTube

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Simply put, etiquette is “the customary code of polite behavior in society…”  Good etiquette, however, isn’t quite as simple being polite.  There are many customs, behaviors, and even expectations that often go unknown, but very noticed in social and professional situations.

As the Holidays quickly approach and people find themselves with an invitation to party from a friend, neighbor, or professional associate, there can be a lot of stress about some of the basics of good behavior.

According to Pam Eyring, President of the Protocol School of Washington, one of the first concerns is wardrobe.  “You don’t want to be too overdressed,” says Eyring, “but you really don’t want to be under-dressed.”  Suggested wardrobe can often be found on the invitation, and if not, call the host.

Another common pitfall is a complete understanding of hors d’oeuvres.  “Eat before you go,” says Eyring.  “Try a few items at the table, and step away.  It isn’t your private dinner table.”  Eyring also warns about having too much cheer.  

The workplace Christmas party is another potential pitfall, with behavior often becoming water cooler chatter.  “Don’t become the story of interoffice overindulgence,” says Eyring, pointing out that the office party is often where even the most professional person lets their hair down, and opens them up to embarrassing behavior.  “Limit yourself to one or two.”

Although the words are spoken and perhaps meant, the old saying “What happens at the office party stays at the office party” may only leave you with a “fluorescent walk of shame” through the office door.

Eyring also says to be aware of any human resource rules that may dictate when -and if- you can give gifts to the boss or other co-workers.  If your office does allow or encourage a round of Secret Santa, or other traditional game, don’t make your gift to intimate or personal, even if just as a joke.

You can find more tips and etiquette information on Eyring’s website, HERE.


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