Food Magic: Turning $5 into a week of meals for a hungry family

How Harvest Hope makes the most of every dollar for families

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COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Hunger in South Carolina is no joke…In fact, according to Harvest Hope Food Bank, one in six, or 794,590 Palmetto State residents are food insecure…23% of which are children.  Many people in the state have to choose between things like eating and medical care, and a meal versus paying rent or a mortgage.

Since 1981, the food bank has worked tirelessly to reduce those numbers.  Serving primarily 20 counties surrounding the midlands, Harvest Hope feeds approximately 38,000 people a week.

Harvest Hope’s Jamie Peebles explains that the term “food insecure” refers to someone or a family that goes without a meal at least one time a month, and often doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.  He also points out that hunger and being food insecure isn’t just a problem is lower income communities.  “We have had lawyers and doctors come through our doors, say they never thought they would be here,” says Peebles.  Hunger, or being food insecure happens across social economical lines, races, and professions, according to Peebles.

Peebles says that donations of food, funding, and partnerships with over 500 agencies makeover 2 million meals a year possible.

Harvest Hope’s mission, according to Peebles, also goes above and beyond simply feeding families that may need assistance.  “We have,” says Peebles, distributed over 1 million meals to those impacted by Hurricane Matthew.”

Harvest Hope also is proud of their math skills.  Peebles says that with the partnerships the food bank has, a donation as little as $5 can feed a family for a whole week.  “Even as little as a dollar,” says Peebles, “can buy 5 meals.”

Currently Harvest Hope has several annual programs, including their Holiday in Box, where a weekend of food is sent home with a hungry child, where there isn’t the option of a school lunch or other program.

Although the mission seems daunting, the staff, partners, and supporters of Harvest Hope, over the last 35 years, show no signs of wear, and are pledged to fighting hunger, and providing food for South Carolina.

If you would like more information on the services that Harvest Hope provides, or want to get involved, check out their website HERE.

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