Legislators Reveal Plan to Fill Lt. Governor, Senate President Pro Tempore Positions

SC Senator Says He May Ascend to Lieutenant Governor Position

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Lawmakers in the State House are preparing for a transition of power. Longtime senator Nikki Setzler says the Senate has a plan in place to fill the voids left behind after Governor McMaster left the  lieutenant governor position and Senate President Pro Tempore Hugh Leatherman resigned Tuesday evening.

“Full senate will elect a new president pro tempore who will then become lieutenant governor, and when he or she becomes lieutenant governor, the senate will elect another president pro tempore to preside for the next two years,” said Senator Setzler .

Senator Kevin Bryant said he is up for being elected the new pro tempore and ultimately lieutenant governor.  “At that time, I will be a candidate for president pro tempore. Should my colleagues honor me with that position, I will ascend to lieutenant governor,” said Bryant.

With lawmakers planning on Leatherman stepping down, some believe he may be elected to the same seat he just left.

“I certainly think he is a candidate and I think he’s got a lot of votes,” said Setzler.

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