Remembering the classics – of etiquette

Pamela Eyring shares some Good Behavior basics

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)– “Old school rules of etiquette should never go away,” says Pamela Eyring from the Protocol School of Washington, “they put a focus on appreciation and respect.”  Eyring, who is an expert in etiquette, manners and business acumen, suggests that the basics of politeness “speaks volumes.”

Eyring says that one forgotten action will set you apart from the pack, with the stroke of a pen.  “Write a thank-you note – not an email or text – a hand written, heart-felt note.”  Thank you notes, according to Eyring, should be sent when you receive a gift, after an interview, or even specific advice from a peer or boss.  “It doesn’t have to be extensive,” she says, pointing out that a line or two can make all the difference.  Eyring also says that job candidates who take the time to write a hand written note to a potential employer stand a 5% higher chance at landing the job.

Another skill that is quickly going by the wayside, according to Eyring, is the skill of listening.  “I think social media, texting, and instant messaging have ironically made us ineffective communicators…self-absorbed about our own lives.”  The act of listening, utilizing eye contact, and focusing on the person speaking is a skill that is quickly disappearing, in a world where family text each other from different rooms.

You can learn some more tips from Eyring in the Protocol School of Washington HERE.



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