Texas Flooding Brings Painful Memories Back To Midlands


Columbia, SC (WOLO)–  The devastating scenes in Houston bring a rush of painful memories for many in the Midlands who lived through the October 2015 floods.


“It was heart-wrenching, it was devastating…” Dionne Brown said.  Brown has lived in her house since 1996 and when the images of the floods in Texas started flooding in, her heart broke.


“I cried. Because I know what we experienced as just from being in the Pine Glen subdivision here. It was hard,” Brown said. “When you got into the street, it was already up to here… so by the time they got they got us, it was already at waist level when they reached us. So had they waited a few minutes longer, we all probably would have drowned.”


Even former governor Nikki Haley referenced the similarities South Texas is experiencing to the floods here at home, tweeting, “Having gone through a ‘1000 Year Flood’ event, my heart goes out to the people in Texas. Once again we are witnessing the goodness of people.


“That’s a huge catastrophe. You know we had a few pockets in town which were affected. That whole entire area looks decimated,” Eric Zimmerman said of Zimmerman Homes of Distinction. 


Two years of the historic floods here in Columbia, you can still see signs everywhere of the destruction, and our efforts to rebuild.


“You can see the roof back here, that house is almost entirely flooded to the roof with water. It was incredible. I never thought I would see that much water in these areas of Columbia,” said Zimmerman.


“I saw the twenty inches of rain, and how the rain went down real intensely. Couldn’t believe it at the time actually. You hear about it as a meteorologist and all that and all these things. Once you actually see it it’s a whole different thing,” Cary Mock said.  Mock teaches meteorology at USC and says Texas is looking more like a Katrina disaster, and recovery could take 10 to 15 years or more.


“We experienced it, and it still hurts because it’s hard because people can only do what they can do at the time they can do it.


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