Environmental, Transportation Leaders Call on Senators to Uphold EPA Standards

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Leaders from around the state are calling on those in the political arena to protect our environment after threats of an EPA repeal.

Environmental and transportation agencies teamed up Tuesday, asking lawmakers on The Hill to protect the vehicle and engine standards under the Clean Air Act.

“Clean car standards help us make sure we are not putting more pollution and that the pollution that is there does not increase and we have alternatives to the fuels we are using and burning on a regular basis,” said Shakeila James of Moms Clean Air Force.

The law took effect in 2012 under the Obama Administration experts said the law has saved our state 530 million dollars so far by creating a stronger fuel economy.

“In the long run, the amount of money it can save the average family, somewhere in the 2500 dollar range per year its just phenomenal. We want them to stay in tact so we can see that play it’s way through, said Eernie King of the Columbia Branch of AAA.

Aside some from saving money, advocates said the standards create a better atmosphere for all us to live in.

“There are 25 million Americans currently suffering from asthma and of those 6 million are children. It is our responsibility to speak up and fight for clean air and those affected most by carbon pollution,” said Jenna Allen, USC Student Government Association environmental Secretary.

“We breathe, it we eat it, it goes into our soil- that means it’s in our food, it goes into our clothing that we wear and make and we have all of these reactions to it as if they are just everyday normal occurrences and they are not. They can be prevented. If we can decrease emissions and what is being put in the atmosphere, we can decrease all the effects of these things,” said James.

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