CPR Training Importance Highlighted After SC State Basketball Player Collapses



Columbia, SC (WOLO)–   A scary moment during an SC State basketball game when one of the team members, Ty Solomon, collapsed and needed immediate medical attention.


During Saturday’s game against North Carolina State, SC State player Ty Solomon fell to the ground and his heart suddenly stopped beating. Thanks to the immediate response of emergency personnel performing CPR, Solomon is in stable condition, according to sources.


“The EMT’s were responding, while our team trainer was responding. And we’re just thankful for, that we have all these things in place for a situation like this, but you never expect it to happen. You never say, ‘hey, lets practice for this situation.’ But, thanks be to God that he’s okay,” Rio Pitt said, an assistant coach with SC State Men’s Basketball team. 


The team credits Solomon’s survival to the CPR training staff had, which was quickly enacted after his collapse. Something that Tanjenique Anderson with CPR ASAP says was the biggest factor in his recovery.


“I commend them, for what they did. The amount of time that it took for them to spring into action. I was, of course, sorry this happened to the young man, but thrilled to know that the people who were responding did exactly what was necessary,” Anderson said.   Anderson knows first hand how important CPR training is, and she’s happy the team is taking this moment to tell people, absolutely everyone needs to have CPR training.


“My mother saved my grandmother’s life by performing CPR. She invested not even 2 minutes into performing these techniques on my grandmother, and it sustained her life for 13 more years,” Anderson said. 


 Just signing up for a class and getting CPR certified can be the difference between life or death for someone, and as Assistant Coach Rio Pitts says, you never know when you’re going to need that training.


“For every passing minute that goes by on a person who needs CPR, and they don’t get it, the survival rate diminishes by seven to ten percent,” Anderson said. 


To find CPR classes with CPR ASAP Center your area, click this link.  


To find a class with Red Cross, click here.